Rather than blocking an attack, Aikido techniques absorb, blend with, and divert the incoming attack resulting in the opponent being locked or thrown by the force of his own attack.

A unique form of self-defence, Aikido is a martial art for both the body and the mind.

Aikido techniques revolve around its principles of harmony. The emphasis of Aikido is never to clash head on with an attack. Instead, Aikido uses natural, circular movements to harmonise with the attack and use it against your opponent. 

Aikido training aims to go deeper than simply training your body. Through physical training of techniques, an Aikido Instructor's ultimate goal is to train your mind. With the emphasis on harmony, you train to face aggression with a calm and clear mind. 

Aikido's flowing movements require very little physical strength making it a popular martial art for children, ladies, and senior citizens. Its techniques finish in various joint locks and unbalancing throws which can be controlled to neutralize an attacker without causing serious injury - a fact which makes it increasingly popular for law enforcement officers around the world