Aikido Tai Shin Kai

Logo Design by Don Castillo

Aikido Tai Shin Kai was established by a family of dedicated Aikido practitioners with the aim of practicing fluid and practical Aikido with an open heart and mind. It is led by the eldest son, Shamus Chan, who spent 6 years in full time training as an Aikido deshiTogether with his father and brothers, they form the teaching team at Aikido Tai Shin Kai.


The blue and waves of our logo symbolizes the duality of water.

Logo Design by Don Castillo

Water is formless. It can be calm and flexible to fit any container. Likewise, we believe that an Aikidoka should not be bound to rigid techniques. His movements must flow naturally and his techniques
must adapt to each unique opponent.

Just as calm water can turn into a powerful force of nature, an Aikidoka's graceful, natural movements allow him to absorb any attack, redirecting it with devastating effect or flowing into a neutralizing technique to immobilize an opponent.

At Aikido Tai Shin Kai, our students are trained with these principles in mind. Our defining attribute  is the ability to make the learning of Aikido a simple, enjoyable, and practical experience. Our instructors strive to form personal bonds with our students to help them achieve their maximum potential through Aikido Training. 


Grading Recognition

As a part of the family at Aikido Kenshin-Kai, our grading certifications are internationally recognised.