Joining Aikido Tai Shin Kai

Start your Aikido journey with Aikido Tai Shin Kai. We welcome all trainees aged 5 and above. Classes are split into children (age 5 - 12) and adult (13 & above) classes. 

Aikido training does not follow a strict curriculum with rigid lesson plans. As such, you can join at anytime! Beginners will find that our teaching style eases them into the learning curve of Aikido. Our instructors are committed to personalizing the training to help each beginner understand and master the basics. 

As a student progresses into the higher grades, we maintain personal attention to his or her development. We believe each student is different and adjust our teaching methods accordingly to enhance your lessons.


When you begin training with Aikido Tai Shin Kai, you will join as a member. This allows you to progress through gradings, participate in seminars and workshops, and also train at our affiliated dojos. You will be issued a training card to track your training sessions and a membership booklet to record your grade which is recognized internationally.

Come to our dojo and speak to our friendly Instructors for more information.

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