Instructor Patrick Chan - 2nd Dan

Patrick Chan's interest in martial arts was inspired by Bruce Lee. Since young, he has trained in various arts including Taekwondo, Karate, Northern Shaolin, & Tai Chi.

Patrick was with the Singapore Police Force for 14 years where he spend most his time as an Investigator with the Criminal Investigation Department. His Martial Arts skills proved to be useful in those years. 

Patrick started Aikido together with his son, Shamus, around 2006. He fell in love with Aikido and has been training daily! He has been teaching Aikido in community clubs, educational institutions and private clubs. His passion is to share his love for Aikido with as many as possible. 

Patrick is the proud father of four sons and has passed his love of martial arts on to them. Three of his sons train in at least one martial art and all are actively involved in Aikido. He even has a dojo at home for his family to train and experiment with the different styles they have learned.