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Instructor Shamus Chan - 3rd Dan

By the time he was able to walk, Shamus Chan had picked up a keen interest in martial arts from his father. He started his Aikido journey at 19 years old. While looking for a new martial art to learn, Shamus observed an Aikido class and was impressed with Aikido's graceful and powerful techniques. His training sessions quickly progressed from once-a-week sessions to daily training as he delved into the art.

A year later, Shamus became a deshi, a full-time Aikido student dedicated to learning and teaching Aikido. As a full time Aikido Instructor, Shamus conducted classes all over Singapore and became especially involved in teaching Aikido to students under the Singapore Sports Education Programme. 

He also had the opportunity to travel around the world to train and experience different styles of Aikido. Shamus spent 6 years as a full time Aikido Instructor before settling down into a new role as a family man and a more mainstream career. However, he never forgot his passion for Aikido and continues to bring this beautiful art to more people.

Shamus's life has revolved around Aikido ever since he started training. He even met his wife on the mats and married her in a unique ceremony in the dojo. Shamus is an avid lover of outdoor sports. His busy Aikido schedule has not kept him from trying his hand at wake-boarding, surfing, ATVs, etc, together with his wife with whom he shares many common interests. They are proud parents of a bubbly daughter whose boundless energy makes them both glad that their active lifestyle before parenthood has build up their stamina. Shamus has also been severely bitten by the travel bug and is especially fond of road trips.